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"I believe a person's home should be a true reflection and extension of their personal taste and style...with beautiful collected pieces that compliment who they are, what their interests are, and what makes them feel good.

Through my home and lifestyle platform, Allured By Design®, I virtually welcome all visitors into my home "House Piazza" by sharing and inspiring both daily and seasonal design tips and trends one season at a time."

Founder & Principal Designer
Tachic Hickman-Piazza
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Join Me In Italy!! 🇮🇹🛩🍷
May 4 - 14, 2025
Boutique Shopping Saturdays With Allured By Design: Extended Trailer & Sizzle Reel
Allured By Design

Boutique Shopping Saturdays With Allured By Design: Extended Trailer & Sizzle Reel

SERIES LOGLINE: With the rise of Design Influencers and the popularity of design shows on streaming platforms and cable networks like HGTV, the interior design and home décor world is booming! Yet, the general public continues to crave for the inside info on all of the exclusive design tips and trends, including and most importantly the best places to shop. PREMISE: Have you ever wanted to shop with an Interior Designer? Have you ever been interested in knowing where designers shop? Or, perhaps you’re one of the many that’s always wondering how you can have access to some of the most amazing home décor pieces designers bring back directly from market. Or, even the local pieces designers sell and carry from other local artists. You know, the gorgeous pieces we see plastered all over their beautifully curated social media feeds. But you don’t want to just see it on their feeds. You want the inside info. You want in on the action…where do I go and how do I get it? SHOW OVERVIEW & SYNOPSIS: Boutique Shopping Saturdays With Allured By Design is a limited web series where Tachic Hickman-Piazza, Host and Founder of Home & Lifestyle brand, Allured By Design®, will answer all of the above questions by taking her viewers on a shopping excursion. This will be a visual shopping experience that picks up where all of the home building, renovating, real estate selling and DIY shows leave off. More on the lines of...So you’ve got the house and you’re ready to style it. But before you can style it, you need to know where to shop. Tachic will show you the best of the best places to shop and beautify your homes with exclusive, custom and special order pieces from some of her favorite local New Orleans based boutiques. Official Press Release: Website:


Allured By Design® is a Home & Lifestyle multimedia brand where Interior Design, Life, Luxury, Art, Culture, Travel, Fashion & Filmmaking and the exquisite art of creative storytelling all intersect and are all celebrated.

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