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I'm Tachic Hickman-Piazza, (first name pronounced TA-SHEEK) a Filmmaker by profession, yet allured to the world of Interior Design by obsession!! I have an exquisite eye for design and what pairs well together. In addition, I have a knack for paying attention to detail and I'm highly meticulous. One could easily call me a perfectionist. But hey, I can't help it, as I do have a Type A personality and then there's that Sagittarius thing. Yep, I'm a true blue Sag! 

I firmly believe my experience and skill as a Filmmaker has honed my attention to detail and ever so meticulous nature. I pride myself on carrying those two qualities into my passion and work as a Designer. In addition, my years spent coordinating logistics on various film and television projects have also afforded me invaluable project management and coordination experience, which are essential for any design project be it big or small.

I came to the world of design through exposure from my Mother who to this day absolutely loves all things Interiors and Home Design. The youngest of four, I was always the one my Mom took along with her on furniture and home decor shopping excursions. These many shopping trips most definitely planted a seed of passion and excitement about design within me, without me truly understanding what my path would later come to be. Being introduced to color, texture, textiles, fabrics, florals, home decor and more during my adolescent years has had a major impact on my connection to the world of design. As a direct result of that, my passion to curate and design beautiful spaces has only intensified over the years and continues to do so.

When it comes to design, I believe my taste is very amalgamated. I love merging and mixing different styles together to create one cohesive look. My signature design style is "Rustic Vintage meets Modern Elegant Glam" in short, Rustic Glam. I firmly believe without a doubt, my design style is a direct reflection of living and growing up in my beloved hometown of NOLA. Indeed, I am a very proud New Orleanian!! Everything about the city of New Orleans is all about pairing the old with the new, and mixing classic vintage with modern elegance.


New Orleans is a three hundred year old European city that prides itself on preserving its culture, including and especially architectural design, all while embracing the modern world. This very cultural and historic practice of my birthplace has had an immediate influence on me, what elements of design speak to me the most, and my overall approach to design.

One of my biggest approaches to design is embracing the world of color, which could also very well be attributed to growing up in NOLA as well. It's almost impossible to live in New Orleans and not embrace color, as the city alone is filled with the most phenomenal exteriors all painted in beautiful vivid colors. While I personally appreciate and can work with just about any color, I'm a huge lover of #allthingsGOLD as gold is my favorite metallic accent and can be seen all throughout my home or in any of my client projects. Blue however is my absolute favorite primary color, which is also beautifully displayed in my home as well. While Blue may be the color trend for many others, for me it's a lifestyle, as my birth gemstone color is Blue Topaz. As a result, I often say Blue chose me the moment I was born and ironically it's become the one color I love unconditionally the most and never grow tired of. In other words...I am tried, true and loyal to the color BLUE. 


Aside from Design...I'm married to an Italian New Yorker known to many as "Charlie P" or, as I love to call him #TheBigToMyCarrie. That's right I'm a loyal Sex And The City fanatic!! Much like Mr. Big, my husband is the calm, laidback, sensible, logical thinker. Like Carrie, I'm the stylish creative always on the go with dreams larger than life, always grinding and working myself into a frenzy to manifest them into reality. Clearly balance is key in our marriage, as we definitely provide much needed balance for one another. Me providing the creative fun and spice to our lives, while my husband provides the stable calmness that's imperative to keep us both sane...Well, maybe just me! 


Laissez Les Bon Temps Rouler


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