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Niche Modern Home

All Interior Design enthusiasts and home decor fanatics have that one place among the plethora of places they shop in, that's their go to place. It could be for a variety of reasons...the atmosphere is amazing, it's in a great location, customer service is beyond superb, the sales floor is always nice and clean, the prices are reasonable and let's not forget about the merchandise. The merchandise blows you away with every single visit.

I shop in a lot of stores and I do mean a LOT! I find so much inspiration in so many different retailers I frequent, and I definitely have a list of some of my favorite stores where management and the staff know me on a first name basis. Some of my favorite Furniture and Home Decor retailers include Restoration Hardware, Pottery Barn, Pier1 Imports, West Elm, Ballard Designs, Horchow, Home Goods, Anthropologie and ZGallerie. Believe me there are a bunch more, but the above short list are some of my regular rotation stores.

Now, I'm a NOLA girl and New Orleans is all about shopping local. So in addition to the larger retailers I frequent, I make a conscience effort to shop locally with some of the smaller stores on both my side of the lake, The Northshore, and also in the city as well. Of all of the small local stores I shop in, there is one at the very top of my list. That local boutique is none other than Niche Modern Home located in the gorgeous outdoor Chenier Mall in Mandeville, LA.

The first time I remember walking into Niche was maybe two or three months after Charlie and I moved into our new home. I'd always see their sign on my drive home and the sign alone immediately caught my eye, which was nestled in between these beautiful stone colored pillars. The exterior part of Niche definitely had curb appeal, so I knew it wouldn't be too long before I'd make my way through their doors to indulge myself in their interiors.

Finally, that day came and just as I thought, the store was breathtaking! Now when I first visited Niche they were in a small space and getting ready to transition a couple of doors down in the same mall, but to a larger showroom with more open space. But before their big move, even in their smaller showroom, it was their presentation that pulled you in. The staff was very friendly, it was very clean, no clutter, things weren't falling on top of one another, and they had some of the most unique pieces for a local store that I'd ever come across. In addition, their entire showroom spoke directly to my design style, which is Rustic Glam. Every rustic furniture piece or element was paired with something shiny, sparkly, modern, elegant and glam, which in my opinion, is one of the best Interior Design marriages ever.

Now the smaller showroom was definitely amazing, but when Niche moved into their larger showroom...OMG!!! I walked in and I swear I begin to have heart palpitations. Let me just tell you, when I walk into an amazing Furniture and Home Decor store with a flawless presentation, for me that's equivalent to the same excitement a child gets in a candy or toy store. Dare I say, it's damn near equivalent to the big O for me. Yes, that O!! My creative antennas begin to have a rush of adrenaline, and endorphins are immediately released all from the visuals I'm intaking. My heart beats a bit faster and I immediately go into a different space of pure excitement and joy. And, then the fun mind starts to visualize and assess exactly what I would do and how I would style the pieces I see before me, in my own home.

Within a very short time I became a regular customer @NicheModernHome and quickly Niche became my go to happy place. To date, I'm in Niche several times a month and if my schedule allows at least once a week. If two weeks have gone by and I haven't seen the latest finds owners, Jeff McNeely and Steve Macloud, have brought back from market, I begin to get withdrawals. Yes, I can admit that I'm OBSESSED with Niche!! But let me share a few more reasons why this is my go to store...

  • The entire staff knows me by first name "Hi Tachic, it's great to see you!" and oftentimes a hug comes with my greeting. Southern Hospitality at its best!

  • Customer Service is AMAZING! Which it should be if we're on a first name basis right?

  • The store manager and I have a text message relationship and it's the best thing ever when I need something held under my name, or need general information on a product.

  • Most of the staff all have a background and love for design, paired with years of experience. I trust both their creative judgement and ideas.

  • The owners, Jeff & Steve, have the most insane eye for selecting amazing pieces for their showroom.

  • Showroom merchandise and pieces are highly unique. It's rare you'd ever have to worry about seeing a purchase from Niche in someone else's home.

  • The prices are reasonable. It's not Home Goods reasonable, but it's also not Restoration Hardward pricey either.

  • The furniture pieces @ Niche are not just about style, but also about comfort.

  • I never knew how much I would love decorating w/lamps until I saw the lamp collection @ Niche.

  • And, myself, they have a real true appreciation for #allthingsGOLD

Now I mentioned in my previous post titled, Behind the Scenes: ABD 1st Photo Shoot, that I would share in this particular post the inspiration of why I used Niche as a 2nd location for my Photo Shoot. Remember I mentioned in that same post that my 1st Photo Shoot mainly focused on my Home Office right? Well, in addition to staging Home Office photos, I had this idea that I wanted to be surrounded by a beautiful showroom and I wanted that energy to transfer over into my photos.

Niche opened their store for me on a Sunday, which is usually their one day of business close, and allowed me and my photographer to create magic. Exactly what I envisioned is what was brought to life. I desired for my audience to visually see the place where so many pieces in my own home have been purchased from. And, I truly wanted people to see the joy on my face that I get from stepping inside of Niche every time I visit.


Photo Stills By: Asolid Photography

Shooting Location: Niche Modern Home

Wardrobe: Black Monogram Collar Shirt - Banana Republic, Yellow Midi-Skirt - Shop with Tene, Shoes - Nine West

In the video below, Jeff chats with me about his anticipation for the launch of my design blog. The entire staff have all been very supportive towards me, my blog and my love for interior decorating and styling, and I'm so very grateful. Store Manager, Alison Alvarez, however was a bit camera shy, lol. So hilarious considering Alison is my text message buddy.

For those of you in the local NOLA area or on the Northshore side, if you haven't had a chance to stop in Niche...What are you waiting for? I promise you won't be disappointed.

Tell them I sent you ;)

With Love,


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