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The Forecast Calls For Purple

Sooooooo…Did someone say the forecast would be purple? Well, according to not only the interior decorating world, but also the fashion industry (per Michael Kors), the Fall design forecast is set to be filled with rich luscious hues of plum and purple. Let’s just say for a color I never really catered to, I definitely took note and finally embraced the beauty of the royal color. Now I didn’t go purple rain crazy. I mean Lord only knows I truly miss the purple one, none other than Prince his royal purple highness himself. But no one can give the color purple quite the same kind of love that our dearly beloved could. But, we can damn sure try.

Sidenote: I don't think I've ever written or said the word purple so much in one paragraph. My Goodness!! Well brace yourselves, because there's more coming. I mean, you did catch the title of this post right?

As I was saying...So, I embraced the color and splashed it about into my guest bedroom, right in time for the Fall Season. I’ve only been talking about the reveal of this particular bedroom for several days, weeks and months. YES, if you’ve been following me for the past year…then you already know that all of my design projects had a slow, yet steady pace due to my filmmaking work. And, if this is your first time ever being introduced to one of my blogposts - click here to get caught up to speed. My last post will do just that.

Alas without further ado, let’s jump straight into why you’re all here...

"Welcome to House Piazza’s Guest Bedroom Reveal"


Interior Decorating & Styling By: Allured By Design

Photo Still By: Stacy Marks Photography

Shooting Location: House Piazza

Makeup By: Javetta White

Hair By: Lashanda Taylor of Between The Shears

Wardrobe: White Cinched Waist Bishop-Sleeve Top & Pink Avery Pink Pants - Banana Republic, Shoes - Nine West

Now under normal circumstances, where my multitude of projects and limited time wouldn't have stretched me so thin...I doubt it would've taken me as long as it did to fully design, decorate and style this room. Then again, I am a stickler for NOT rushing the creative process and allowing it to happen organically. Soooooo, maybe it would’ve. But we won’t debate about that, let’s just stick to the details of my vision for the room and the overall process.

One of the main things I was adamant about incorporating into the guest bedroom were existing furniture pieces.

My husband and I were already spending so much money on various other rooms in our home, not because we’re ballers by no means. But, instead because...

  1. We’re the working class and work very hard for every single thing we own and desire.

  2. I firmly believe that when executing one’s vision for a home, it’s so important to invest in good quality pieces that are both classic and timeless. Pieces that if you choose, can move with you to a new and different location, as well as be repurposed in a different way. And, in most cases good quality pieces of furniture require investing a bit more money than in less expensive trendy pieces.

The great thing for us, was the furniture in our guest bedroom came from our previous home and it was still in really good shape. So instead of getting rid of it or selling it, we chose to repurpose it, and cut down on our expenses by not having to purchase all new furniture pieces for the room.

In addition, I’d grown really fond of our older furniture, because they were darker woods as opposed to all of the lighter antique whites, whitewash, greige and grey acacia pieces that are the running theme in #HousePiazza. Keeping these existing pieces had a somewhat - something old, something borrowed, something blue type of theme to it. No it wasn’t blue…but it was our older pieces representing the “something old” that still carried a lot of value and charm. Plus, I really wanted to style it completely different from ways that I’d previously done in the past. As well as, show my audience that working with dark woods can still be executed just as flawless as today’s trend of brighter woods.

Also, I intentionally wanted to stretch my color palette and go a little outside of my comfort zone. Now we all know I am QUEEN BLUE & GOLD and when not using those two colors in my home, I typically sitck with my love of warm rustic neutrals. Yet, in spite of an all warm theme, I wanted the room to have a nice mixture of warm tones, pops of bold vivid color and bright tones as well.

Initially, I wasn’t really finding a whole lot of visual design inspiration for what I had in mind. That is, until Pottery Barn debuted this gorgeous warm Fall campaign about two years ago.

The campaign incorporated lots of gold accents, much to my liking. But oddly enough what drew me into the photo were the gorgeous splashes of purple. It was love at first sight...and just like that, the above images became my inspiration for decorating and styling my guest bedroom. Also, as you can see below, I even dared to utilize various hues of purple into my theme as well...including into my wardrobe.


Wardrobe: Dress - Concrete Rose Boutique

Home Decor: Basket & Throws - Kirkland's, Toss Pillow - Pier1 Imports, Lush Purple Throw - Home Goods.

Ok, ok, ok...maybe I did go just a tad bit purple reign crazy 💜Anyways, moving along...

Staying true to my love for #allthingsGold, of course added pops of gold were necessary. Gold is my go to metallic!! Why you ask? Well, I'm so happy you did, lol. In my humble design opinion, every room and space is just better with pops of gold.


Arlington Lanterns can be purchased from Pottery Barn. Gold Andover Stool can be purchased from ZGallerie.

Agate Stones can be purchased from your local Home Goods or any other TJX retail stores.

When I first started decorating the space, my walls were still a botany beige, which is the main color on most of my walls in #HousePiazza. While it didn’t look horrible, the colors just weren’t popping the way I wanted it too. Sadly, the room looked very boring, dull and generic.

Boring right?!? Told ya!

To spruce things up a bit, I made the decision to brighten up the wall color, as well as add an accent wall. Goodness what a HUGE difference that made!!


Wall Color: Benjamin Moore - Barren Plain - 2111-60

Wall Paper: Devine Color Cable Stitch Peel & Stick - Mirage can be purchased from Target.

Vase: Antiqued Silver Carved Terracotta Vase can be purchased from Pier1 Imports.

In doing this, I knew I was going a bit off course from my original design inspiration from Pottery Barn. But then, I saw the cover of Nina Campbell Elements of Design and LOVED how she had a variety of colors infused into a warm, yet ever so subtle bright setting. This gave me the exact boost of confidence needed and assurance to once again... trust my vision, trust my ideas and trust the process. Ironically, the saying I say to my clients, I also needed to say to myself. Sometimes that's just how life is 😉

Needless to say I loved the cover of the book and the images within the book so much, I decided to use it as a decorative accent atop of the dresser. Voila!! Perfect placement!!

Speaking of decorating and styling a dresser. The dresser itself, I not only repurposed but also had it sanded down and distressed in a warm neutral tone by an amazing local artist, Jamie Campbell who specializes in creative finishes. This unique feature added more interest and drama to not only the room, but also to the furniture piece.

Now, let's talk bedding, shall we? Any great Interior Designer or Decorator knows that one of the main key elements that will transform a space and add that perfect decor touch are toss pillows. Oh, and LOTS of them! I absolutely LOVE the colorful assortment of toss pillows I added to the bed, which are various hues of ivory, purple, silver, and blush. Collectively, they all compliment one another and blend so very well with the bedding, which is actually a gorgeous comforter set I found @ Kohl’s.

While I’m not the biggest fan of purchasing many things in set pieces, especially furniture…I’m actually ok with gorgeous bedding offered in a set. The trick to breaking up the monotony of it looking like a store bought collection, is to simply incorporate different toss pillows. By doing this, you create a better visual contrast.

Design Tip: Adding in different toss pillows to an existing comforter set creates a more designer customized look. Custom is always the more unique and desired look to achieve. In addition, adding in your own selected toss pillows allows the opportunity to introduce other colors, as well as different prints, patterns and textures.

For an even more varied look, I introduced yet another print to the space. A warm, brown and cream, zebra print storage bench, that I styled with additional toss pillows atop. I did say I love toss pillows right? Ok, I just wanted to make sure you got that, lol. The varying colors of the pillows and the print of the bench all came together and provided a cohesive look of warmth...yet bright, comfy and cozy. It's exactly the look I was going for.

The storage bench was also another repurposed furniture piece, which I purchased from Pier 1 Imports several years ago. It serves multi-purposes for any over night guests at #HousePiazza, being both a great spot to sit or store items away.


Toss Pillows: Gray & Purple Pillow - Cost Plus World Market, Blush Patterned Pillow - Pier 1 Imports, Gold Medallion & Ivory Printed Pillow - Kirkland's.

Zebra Print Storage Bench: No longer sold @ Pier 1, but a comparable one can be found on their site by clicking here.

Another great design element that often enhances and brings together all of the surrounding accents and decor pieces is a great piece of artwork. And, boy oh boy do I LOVE a beautiful piece of art. Once I made the decision to go brighter on my walls and add in this amazing inexpensive stick and peel wallpaper from Target (pronounced TAR-JHAY for my fellow bourgeois audience, "How You Doin?"), the room was calling for a complimentary piece of art. Nothing too big or small, and nothing that would be a distraction…but instead a piece that was equally as gorgeous as the room itself.

The timing couldn’t have been more prefect, the day I stumbled across the ever so amazing artist - Jennifer Flannigan’s Instagram page. OMG!!! When I tell you every single art piece on her page drew me in. I was enamored with her simple, yet very technical use of color. I began following Jennifer and then one day, I spotted it!! A canvass painting she created with just about all of my guest bedroom colors with the exception to gold and purple. It didn’t take me long to reach out to Jennifer and introduce myself and of course share with her how much I love and admire her work.

One of the things I do love about social media is the direct communication we’re able to have with folks miles and miles away from us. Jennifer responded and I must say it was such a pleasure and delight to work with her albeit via emails, phone calls and lots and lots of text messages and Instagram direct messages. Hey…whatever it takes right? Or, by any means necessary, lol. Jennifer got my vision right away and was so good about including me in each stage of the process, for me to approve and just to make sure it was in sync with what I wanted overall. The end result was this stunning abstract and colorful canvass, framed in silver leaf and centered directly above the bed.

To see more of Jennifer’s gorgeous work, I highly encourage you all to visit her webpage by clicking here. Also, be sure to follow her on Instagram as well, which you can access directly from her site. And, for all of my artwork creatives and fanatics, to share a bit of Jennifer’s process on how she created my piece see below in her own words...

"I was so honored to create this custom painting to compliment Tachic's beautiful design. Together we designed a special color palette of rich purples, pinks and metallics. For this particular painting, I used a variety of mediums with Acrylic paint and inks. Using palette knives and brushes, I repetitively build and destroy layers to create patterns, shapes, and depth. In between layers drying, I'd then decide on my next step in the process. It's hard to explain exactly when a painting is done, but it's just a feeling I have when I'm almost afraid of ruining it by making any additional changes.

I'm very thrilled how this painting looks in its new forever home and it was such a fun collaboration to work with Tachic. I love working with designers to create original artwork that is completely unique and one of a kind. I consider it such a compliment to have my paintings in someone's home to look at everyday."

In addition to the commissioned piece of artwork from Jennifer Flannigan, I also added wall art I found @ Home Goods to the front wall of the guest bedroom. Originally, the goal was to add a large mansion style mirror to that particular spot. However, because I had already incorporated mirrored pieces on the two side the last minute, I decided to change it up. The pieces I found @ Home Goods worked out soooooo well, as they further complimented both the warm and bright tones of the room.

You think my photographer snapped enough shots of me next to the wall art? No, right? I didn't think so either. So here's another one for safe keeping, lol.

Considering that we are at the very beginning of my favorite season and currently everything is all about pumpkins...Of course I had to style just a few pumpkins in the room. This subtle touch made the room feel even more comfy, cozy and in the holiday spirit.

Until now, I never even gave much thought to the fact that, because I’m such a huge fan and lover of Prince...Maybe subconsciously, I chose purple as an accent color for my guest bedroom because of my love for the artist himself. And, if that is the case…I’m even all the more happy to finally have played with a color I never really catered to. As a matter of fact, I see purple in my forecast well beyond just this Fall Season. And, I definitely don’t want to be limited to how much me or my guests can laugh, dance and play in the Purple Rain.

I hope you all have enjoyed my long awaited guest bedroom reveal. I promised that it would be so worth the wait. Of course I hope it was for you all. Me, personally, I had soooooo much fun designing and decorating this space. I’m also throughly pleased with the way it turned out. Shockingly enough it kind of exceeded my own expectations, which is actually a very good thing.

Even my photographer, Stacy Marks, walked into the room the day of the shoot and was blown away. And, he’s very hard to impress!!! His jaw drop and facial expression let me know that my execution was done quite well. Honestly, as amazing of a photographer Stacy is, Lord only knows he captures the most stunning images and I am always always impressed.

I must say, the beauty of my guest bedroom is one that I truly wish you all could see in person, as the photos only do so much justice.

Leaving you all with a few final photos that embody both my mood and overjoyed sentiment about the space I styled and created.

Now to finally sit down, rest and relax...

Wardrobe Sources:

Banana Republic Top & Pants are still currently available both in stores and online.

Nine West Shoes are no longer available.

As always, thank you all so much for your love and continued support. Feel free to reach out to me with any design questions by clicking here. And, be sure to follow us on FB and Instagram.

With Love,


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