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House Piazza: Home Tour Video

A while back I had this idea to produce a home tour video where I’d take my social media family and audience on a tour of me and my husband’s home, known to all as #HousePiazza. The purpose of the video was to share a more intimate look at my Design Style and Aesthetic. In addition to sharing more design tips and inspiration all through the camera lens.

While photo stills and visuals captured by my phenomenal photographers, Stacy Marks & John Dilosa on all of my social media pages as well as here on my blog do an amazing job of showcasing my passion and skill for design...without a doubt one of the best mediums to share and extend creative talent is through the art of recorded footage, or filmmaking.

As a professional Filmmaker now with the added title of Designer, I’ve long desired to merge my two greatest passions...Filmmaking and Interior Design under one platform. The sole reason I launched my brand, Allured By Design in the Fall of 2016, was simply to create an outlet for me to do so. I’ve never been comfortable with the idea of choosing one creative over the other. Why? Because I’m equally passionate about them both. I love the art of filmmaking just as much as I love designing and curating spaces. And, because I studied film, it was very important to me to integrate my filmmaking background into my Interior Design brand.

While Allured By Design continues to grow and evolve daily, especially now after just recently attending the Design Bloggers Conference in Los Angeles and having the opportunity to connect with various Brands, Designers, and other Social Media Influencers…my one continuous goal is to be able to consistently merge these two great passions and deliver high quality video content showcasing my film skills and experience with my love for all things design.

In the film world, great video or film content is judged based off of the “Production Value” of a project, amongst many other things. While no film or video project is 100% perfect, as there are always things every Filmmaker wish they could’ve went back in and changed or caught during the filmmaking process. Time and Money are both two of the biggest adversaries for any Filmmaker, and ironically any Designer. Oftentimes, not having enough time or a limited budget to produce a flawless project beyond our wildest dreams.

Yet, we work to do our very best and put forth an amazing product with a high Production Value of great lighting, great sound, great props, a visually stunning set and most of all great editing which can make or break a project.

While working on Season 2 of Queen Sugar, Actress Tina Lifford who plays the role of Aunt Violet Bordelon said to me...

“Me and the rest of the Cast will most certainly miss you, but it’s clear you’re destined for bigger things and anyone can see Design is your passion. I want nothing more for you than to see you flourish in the Design world, as you’ve flourished in Film. And, to one day see you on HGTV because I believe that’s exactly where you’re headed!”

I smiled and laughed to myself because the encouragement from one of my favorite Actresses on the Queen Sugar TV Series that I had the pleasure of working with for two seasons, prior to my departure from the show to pursue bigger dreams of growing my Allured By Design brand...dared to believe in me so much, when I was as nervous and scared about this new journey I was preparing to embark on.

I think what was most ironic about Tina’s statement is the fact that I LOVE HGTV and my television at home is generally always parked on the HGTV Network, if not the Food Network. I never even considered the possibility of the Allured By Design brand one day heading to HGTV. Although the thought is very nice, I must say. But what I did consider was this…Mmmmmm, I’m a Filmmaker and I know how to produce content and coordinate production logistics. I know how to create a story-arch, as well as write/create a script outline. I know how to create/write a narrative and string all of the components together in continuity and essentially build a show, or a segment in my case.

Once I realized there was no need for me to wait on a network to grant me the opportunity to share what I already knew how to do, what I studied in film school and what I’ve been professionally practicing for the last 15years of my life, I finally decided to take the plunge myself.

Together with my very small and intimate team, we’ve created and produced a 31minute segment Home Tour video, which is very HGTV inspired. I couldn’t be more proud of the work and content we’ve created and I truly hope that you all will feel the same.

The content was NOT cheap to produce, as nothing with a great Production Value is. This would be the moment where having a Network to fund my creative ambitions would be more than amazing!!! But as I said earlier, I do hope to be able to continue merging both of my creative talents (filmmaking and design) and delivering really great video content to you all from time to time…That is until like Tina Lifford said, I have my very own HGTV show. I mean hey - let’s just put it out there in the atmosphere because the universe generally gives us back what we put out there.

Finally, I’d like to make a request of all of you to share and like my Home Tour video with as many of your family and friends as all of the hard work and creative effort put in by me and my team can be felt and appreciated. In addition, I'd love to see your thoughts and comments either on the Vimeo page for the video, here on this blogpost, or even on my social media pages. Once again, I hope you all enjoy!

Source & Credit Info:

Producing Company: Allured By Design

Co-Producing Company: Lonely Eskimo Productions

Executive Producer: Tachic Hickman-Piazza

Producer: Lauren Boudreaux

Videographer & Editor: Jorge Maradiaga

Shooting Location: House Piazza

Interior Design & Set Styling: Allured By Design

Hair: Lashanda Taylor

Make-Up Artist: Javetta White

With Love,


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