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One of the biggest proponents of design blogging and just blogging in general is sharing information...In particular, source information! If you're not willing to share and expose information (maybe not every single detail, but definitely as much as possible) you'll quickly lose your audience. Design Enthusiasts, Interior Design and Home Decor lovers all have one main thing in common of the many we have. We ALL want to know three coveted things...

  1. Where did you get that from?

  2. How much did it cost?

  3. How can I obtain it and incorporate it into my own home? Or, into a client's home?

Most Design Bloggers and Bloggers in general all work to share our source information with you all in various it through affiliate links on our blogs, tagging brands and sources on our Instagram feeds, or setting up the App...whatever the method, we all work to provide you with this highly valuable information. In return, it affords us a commission or passable income for the hard work we've put in to build and foster relationships with brands.

In addition, it continues to open the door for more opportunities and more ways for us to further engage with our audience. Which is exactly why I'm happy to now finally be able to offer you all a digital shopping experience. An experience complete with direct links to access the source of the item, the cost of the item, and an opportunity for you all to have either the same exact item (as seen on my Instagram feed) or a similar piece in your own home.

I'd like you all to have the same feeling I have in the below photo when I've either set foot in one of my favorite local boutiques and scored amazing finds at great prices. Or, just that joyous feeling we all know all too well whenever a serious shopping excursion is about to go down. There's no greater feeling right?!?!? Like seriously!! Do you not see the joy on my face right here?!?!? That's the joy I'm working to bring to you all. Sooooooo, without further ado...


Photography: Asolid Photography

Shooting Location: Niche Modern Home

Special Note: All items and merchandise seen in this photo are inventory of Niche with the exception to my wardrobe.

In partnership with the Shop Your Likes brand, you can now all visit my very own

"Shop My Likes" page on my blog. My shop page will consistently grow and evolve with new shopping links added on a regular basis, so please be sure to visit as frequently as possible and see what new links have been added.


Interior Design & Styling: Allured By Design

Creative Director: Tachic Hickman-Piazza

Photography: Stacy Marks

Shooting Location: House Piazza

Many of the above photos are all shoppable and can be found on my new page. A direct link to the page is provided at the end of this post. As you peruse and click on each photo with shopping links attached, please note not all links will feature the same exact item as seen in my photos. I want to be very clear about that so no one is misled. As previously mentioned, some links I've provided will feature similar items due to an item either being sold out, discontinued, or not being sold through that particular brand. However, I've done my very best to research and source items for you all that I myself would purchase and style in my own home. In addition, you'll find that for some accents I provide several options for that particular item for you all to consider and decipher which option you prefer best.

In short, every link I've provided and will continue to provide must be links that include accents which fit into my design aesthetic. If it doesn't, I won't link the item and nor will I encourage you to consider it for your space. This digital shopping experience via my blog is my own little way of virtually hand selecting pieces I think and hope you all will love.

This will be one of my shortest written blogpost ever simply because we all have some clicking and shopping to do. So let's begin cutting our chatter short and get ready to head directly to my new page. Once there, you'll see a written welcome blurb re-iterrating some of the details I've mentioned in this blogpost. At the very end of the blurb, you'll find simple and easy instructions on how to access each shoppable link.

I ask that you do me the biggest favor and share my new shop page with others. In doing so, it only creates an opportunity for me to be able to engage with not just you but others as well.

Most importantly, it lends more visibility to my brand, which in turn affords me the opportunity to offer more new and exciting things to you...All while I continue to travel this design journey and work with various brands and all around, amazingly talented people.

If you missed my last blogpost, which was the debut of House Piazza Home Tour really missed out and we're totally not cool anymore!!! But, there's still time for us to make up and for you to catch up on that particular blogpost and peep the video. Just click here and here and we can be friends again.

Ok, enough with the mushy stuff. Let's seriously get you clicking and shopping and onto that joyous feeling with a big ole' fat smile plastered across your face. You know, like the one I have in the photo above. Yeah, that one! Or, like the one down below. YES! Definitely that one! 😉 Head to the debut of my newly added page - SHOP MY LIKES by clicking here.

With Love,


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