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Did Someone Say Design Services?

Updated: May 1, 2019

At the start of this year, I revealed in my 2017 Year In Review blogpost that I'd be making an announcement at the end of the first quarter of this year. Do any of you remember that?

Totally ok if you forgot because that's the sole reason of this refresh your memory and to make my announcement. This will be a rather shorter than usual post as it's mainly intended for my email subscribers to be the first in the know of the news before it's blasted on my social media feeds.

Although we're now officially in the second quarter of the 2018 year, I'm very happy to announce that Allured By Design, LLC is now officially accepting design clients for Spring/Summer 2018. The wait is over, so prepare to have your homes ALLURED?


Interior Design & Styling: Allured By Design

Creative Director: Tachic Hickman-Piazza

Photography: Stacy Marks

Shooting Location: House Piazza

Hair: LaShanda Taylor of Between The Shears

Make-Up: Javetta White of Makeup By Javetta

A plethora of folks have been patiently awaiting for me to open up my calendar and begin scheduling design consultations with them. In addition to taking on their projects. I had so much business stuff to take care of during the first quarter of this year that it became extremely challenging to meet my original deadline. In addition, I went on a business trip in early March to the Design Bloggers Conference in Los Angeles that most definitely put me (in all honesty) a great position to press the pause button, learn, and discover what all I wanted to implement into my business and design services before moving forward head first.

For those of you who know me well, or who've grown to observe my work ethic...know that I'm extremely meticulous and I work towards being as efficient as I possibly can be. Although challenges and errors are prone to come about, the more I can avoid or prepare for them...all the better for me.

So with that being said, quarter one is now of the past. Quarter two is currently underway and I'm now finally ready to work with you all. Or, as ready as I'm going to be at this point. In particular, I'm servicing the Greater Metropolitan New Orleans area, as well as the Northshore side of Lake Pontrchartrain including St. Tammany Parish and nearby or neighboring parishes.

At current, I'm not taking on projects outside of those areas. However, contingent on the scope and scale of the project and how far the travel distance would be, I am open to consideration.

For further and more elaborate details, including booking a consultation please visit my newly added DESIGN SERVICES page by clicking here.

Also, my ABOUT page received an update, sharing a tad bit more information with you all about me and my design journey. And, I now have a separate CONTACT page making it much easier for you all to navigate and reach me directly from my website. Originally, the contact section was apart of my about me page. I now see that was a tad bit ambiguous for some, so the process to email me is much more streamlined.

Click here for the updated ABOUT page, and then click here for the new CONTACT page. If indeed you are interested in scheduling a design consultation with me, I highly encourage contacting me first via my site and let's at the very least get a thirty minute complimentary conference call on the books. That would help me properly assess if you'd be a candidate for either a one-hour or two-hour consultation, all contingent on how many rooms I need to tour.

And, consultations are charged hourly as most professional consultations in any field are. While we're on the topic of money, I'd like to stress that YES, design services can be costly. However, it is so important to understand and consider what you're actually paying for. When you hire a Designer or Decorator to transform your space, you're essentially hiring them for not just their creative skill alone, but also for the most invaluable thing we offer...our TIME!

In addition to that, you're also paying for labor, mileage or travel fees back and forth to various furniture and home decor stores, project management, coordinating shipping and receiving, coordinating logistics of the design project overall, and final installation or execution. I can't stress enough how much work goes into producing the final result, which is then visually represented in small squares on all social media channels and feeds.

Oh, but trust me when I tell you before the beautiful photos are released, it's a lot of back breaking and sheer exhaustion to get the job done, which is precisely why the cost of design services is how I like to describe it. An investment into your home. When all is said and done, that's essentially what you're paying for.

As seen on the home page of my website and even now on my business brochures, my own famous quote...

"I believe a person's home should be a true reflection and extension of their personal taste and style...with beautiful collected pieces that compliment who they are, what their interests are, and what makes them feel good."

If you're ready and serious about investing into the beauty and comfort of your home, indeed you are my kind of client and I'd love to work with you.


Interior Design & Styling: Allured By Design

Creative Director: Tachic Hickman-Piazza

Photography: John Dilosa of Asolid Photography

Shooting Location: House Piazza

Hair: LaShanda Taylor of Between The Shears

Make-Up: Tracie Dupard of Face By Trace

Thanking you all for rocking me with since the launch of my blog back in October 2016. I'm excited and happy to have so many of you sharing in this journey with me. In addition, I'm looking forward to having many of you become clients. And, I hope to continue to deliver great things to you all and be a source of inspiration in all ways that I can.

Finally, if this is your very first time ever visiting my site and you're interested in seeing more of my work. Please be sure to explore and peruse through my portfolio by visiting all of the subpages within my Design Gallery. If nothing else definitely be sure to have a look at my Home Tour video, which will give you a great visual of my design style and what I bring to the table. To view the tour, click here.

With Love,


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