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So Chic, So Luxe, & Oh So Blush ๐Ÿ’•

Remember when I shared with ya'll in my last blogpost titled Summertime Calls For Elements of Blush, that I'd officially embraced working with the popular and current trending color in ways that I never thought I would? Remember that? I went onto saying that pink was never really a color I typically cared for even as a little girl and that apparently, I was probably born a boy in another lifetime since I've always been team BLUE.

Well, YEAH! Your girl has totally turned over a new leaf and it's all about embracing the soft, beautiful, delicate tones of pink, or in other words BLUSH! And, this time around it was all about spreading the look of Summer Blush into my Master Bedroom.


Interior Design & Styling By: Allured By Design

Creative Director: Tachic Hickman-Piazza

Photography & Photo Stills By: Stacy Marks Photography

Shooting Location: House Piazza

Furniture: Bed & Nightstands - Bernhardt Interiors, Settee Bench - Lesle Veca Designs

Wardrobe: Pale Pink Blazer & White Satin Pants - Banana Republic, Black Top - The Limited, Shoes - Nine West

Now before anyone gets all crazy and wonder how my husband felt about tones of pink being in a room where he lies his head. Let's just say this...Mr. Piazza's famous saying is "I just live here and let my wife does as she pleases when it comes to designing and styling our home!"

So, clearly there was no argument on his part. But to appease him in some kind of way and not make my husband feel as though he was sleeping in the land of pink...I did at least incorporate some darker and more masculine tones into our Summer look as well, with elements of black and charcoal and of course the neutrals are always here to stay.

So let's get right into this new and updated Summer look of my Master Bedroom and allow me to divulge all of the design details...


  • Blush

  • Neutrals

  • Greige

  • Charcoal

  • Black

  • Gold

  • Mixed Metallics

  • Summer White & Pearl

I'm a Designer that loves to play with and embrace color in general. I'm sure most of you know that about me by now. However, there are some colors I'm more fond of than others, like of course my obsessive love for all things blue. But for my master bedroom, I strictly wanted to keep the theme neutral to allow me the option or flexibility to introduce other colors at will if I chose to switch it up from time to time.

Last November, I debuted and revealed on my blog the design of my master bedroom to everyone with the release of my Rustic Regal Retreat blogpost. Considering the reveal made its debut in late fall of was all about cozy, luxurious neutrals, mixed metallics, lots of gold and winter whites. To see the initial reveal click here. Finally at the arrival of summertime this year, I was ready to introduce some color into our land of neutrals.

As I mentioned above, I didn't want my husband to feel uncomfortable with too much pink in our space. So balance was essential and definitely key. As a result, I chose a color theme that provided both soft feminine luxe, as well as strong masculine appeal. Essentially, I was going for a look that would serve to combine the Mr. & Mrs. in perfect harmony in a visually appealing way.

My final executed look definitely appealed to me. Whether or not it truly appealed to my husband, I don't know. Again, his words, not mine..."He just lives here!" But as long as he's able to continue getting a good night's rest in our bedroom, that's really all that matters right? Regardless to what colors I introduce into our space. But for the sake of this post, let's continue talking color theme...

Blush took center stage and definitely provided the pop of color I was going for. What I love most about blush is the fact that it's not too harsh, which is the main reason it's been so hard for me to embrace pink for so many years. Certain tones of pink have a tendency to be extremely loud or dominate over all other colors...almost downright obnoxious! And, because I despise obnoxious personalities in general, I most certainly didn't feel comfortable embracing a color I felt was far too obnoxious in comparison to other colors. Ya'll do know I see colors as real people and in my mind they all have their own distinct personality right? Well, if you didn't, now you know. But back to blush...

So unlike it's derivative color, blush is much softer and has a neutral base, which blends so perfectly with other neutral tones. In addition, it's a much easier hue of pink to work with. As I mentioned above, working with such a feminine color, balance was very crucial and key. So I brought in some darker tones to both appease my husband as well as provide an amazing contrast to all of the neutrals and blush.

To achieve the look I was going for, I did one of my favorite things I always encourage my social media followers and you my blog audience to do. I shopped my home.

Design Tip: Whenever sprucing up your home or making styling updates, try to repurpose home decor and accents from other rooms into spaces they've never been or rarely styled in before. Doing this not only makes a huge impact into your space, but it also cuts down on costs, as well as the need to always purchase new things. In the design world we call it - Shop Your Home.

While I did purchase several new items for my updated Summer look, lots of items I already had in other rooms that I switched around and brought over into our bedroom. Those main or key items that changed up my look are the toss pillows displayed on our bed. Also, because my linens are neutral in color and can be used in all four seasons, there wasn't really a need to change out my entire bedding. Thus further cutting down on cost. As I mentioned earlier, the duvet I chose for our bed made its debut in the Fall of last year and served it's winter white purpose. Now for the warmer or hotter changes of season, it's serving a Summer white purpose only with a refreshed look of different toss pillows and a new blush throw.

Which brings me to another key and cost effective point. I believe it's always a good idea to have a few different bedding options and not just one. But don't feel like you have to change and update to new linens all year round. If you prefer to do that and can afford to do so, by all means do what works best for you and your budget. But a quick change-up to just your toss pillow line-up and if possible, a different throw will give your bedding an automatic updated look.

The beaded black velvet pillows were originally styled and staged in my home office, while the two neutral monoco print pillows were styled atop my blue sofas in my living room. The charcoal print pillow resting between the two neutrals is a new addition, which I fell in love with from ZGallerie. And, believe it or not the fluffy blush pillow was an existing pillow I purchased on clearance sale a couple of years ago from Pier 1 Imports. Originally, I intended to use it for my guest bedroom but never did. However, I had a feeling it would come into good use one of these days...And, executing a Summer blush refresh for my master bedroom was the perfect use for it.

Moving along...


Many of you know I generally always incorporate myself into my Interior Photo Shoots. However, some of you may be surprised to know that I actually hate doing so. Well, on second thought the usage of the word hate may be stretching it a tad bit far, lol. I mean I do love to get all dolled up and cute for a photoshoot in general. BUT!!! For any and all of my design photo shoots, it's honestly more tedious work for me than it is fun. I'm such a creative in every sense of the word, I'm very focused on the task at hand and extremely involved in the entire creative and logistic planning process.

In addition, I'm the Creative Director behind all of my photo shoots. So having to focus on the shoot itself, all of the design and styling details, product placement if there's any, the various camera angles I need my photographer to execute and the long list of shots we need to accomplish is a lot of work all within itself.

Adding me to the mix and into the shoot itself brings on a whole different level of anxiety like never before. But I've come to realize it's extremely important for my audience to be able to connect with not only the Designer and Decorator behind the designs, but most importantly connect with the face and personality behind the brand...behind my brand, Allured By Design.

Also, because I opted to forego being included in the shoot we did right before this one, (Summertime Calls For Elements of Blush)...I definitely made up for it in this shoot. Not only did I make up for it, but home girl did four different looks that embodied and complimented the color theme of the room and everything that my first name TACHIC represents...all things fabulous and CHIC!

Ya'll know I'm a blazer fanatic, so there was no way possible I'd forego not incorporating at least one look without a blazer added into the mix. Somehow I managed to pull off two blazers, both purchased from my favorite clothing store, Banana Republic...and I absolutely LOVE how each look came out.

But I must say that there was something very special about a few of my looks. The District Dolls NOLA T-shirt comes from a high school classmate of mine, Kamika Fortune who's brand, District 9, I was happy to support and incorporate into my shoot.

The fancy sophisticated women of color T-shirt comes from a well-known French female artist, Nicholle Kobi whom I had the pleasure of meeting and greeting recently during her art exhibit tour stop to NOLA, Essence Festival weekend. I knew immediately this particular shirt would be perfect to work into my photoshoot as well.

What's so ironic about me incorporating two T-shirts into my shoot is the fact that I'm not a huge T-shirt kind of girl. I rarely rock them into my daily style of dress. I'm more of blouse, collar top or tank top underneath a blazer kind of girl when it comes to tops. Mainly because I feel like T-shirts are not a great investment of money. After so many washes, they shrink and eventually become knock around the house shirts or usually get donated somewhere. So I'm always cautious before purchasing a T-shirt. Or, if I'm going to purchase truly has to have meaning to me or something about the shirt I have to be able to connect with beyond just a fancy slogan.

The shirts I used in my photoshoot both definitely had a deeper connection with me. One representing both my beloved hometown of NOLA and a high school classmate that like me has a small business and brand she represents. What better way to rock her shirt and brand other than incorporating it into my photoshoot? And, the other shirt representing the work of a black French female artist known around the globe for her beautiful illustrations of women of color. There were so many different shirts to choose from at Nicholle Kobi's exhibit, but the one I chose to rock in my shoot I felt best represented me and my personal style of dress. Plus the shirt just had this sophisticated chic swag that I connected with. I saw myself in that shirt, so it had to come home with me.

And, finally the black and white checkered DRESS!!! OMG!!! This dress did everything for me OK! Like everything!!! Slenderized all my fluffiness and chunkiness and made me look all well put together. Well, maybe the waist trainer I was wearing the day of my photoshoot is responsible for that and making me look all right and tight. But, baby when I tell you the dress still worked it's magic and I'm so not mad about it!!!

The dress is from a good friend of mine Toya Jackson who owns Concrete Rose Boutique, an online fashion store. I purchased the dress a few years ago with the intent to incorporate it into one of my very first photoshoots for Allured By Design. Sadly, that look wound up getting scratched but I kept the dress in mind for another shoot. Isn't it amazing how good things comes to those who wait? This dress could not have been any more perfect for this particular photoshoot than any other, and I'm so happy I followed my instinct to hold onto it for a later time.

It truly embodied the colors and theme of this shoot, which actually brings us back on track to discussing the Interiors. So let's get out of the land of fashion and move along with all things Interior Design and Home Decor. Again, I do realize it's very important for you all to see the face and personality behind the I turned it up a notch with this shoot. Hence the SO CHIC segment, because that's not just my name. It's truly who I am!

Oh, and do peep the stunning hot pink suede shoes from Nine West. For those who don't know, I'm a loyal Nine West shoe shopper. I refuse to spend hundreds of dollars on designer heels or any shoes for that matter my knock-kneed self will fall down in. NO CAN DO!!!

But back to why many of you all come here in the first place...


While I do consider myself as someone who always shops and looks for great deals, I'd be lying if I were to say I don't tend to have expensive taste. But, my goal is to always find luxurious items at the most cost effective price. As such, I found some really beautiful and reasonably priced accents to add to my bedroom that provided the luxe appeal I was going for.

From my dear friend, Farah Merhi's line - Inspire Me! Home Decor, I added in two beautiful gold mirrored trays, which comes as a set. The larger one was perfect for styling atop of my bed, with the smaller one even more perfect to style on my leopard print footstool.

True story: My footstool is the first home accent I ever purchased for myself at the age of 21 for my very first apartment. As the saying goes...I'm true to this!! I ain't new to this!!!


To view the entire Inspire Me! Home Decor Line sold exclusively for QVC click here.

Even the styling accents I chose atop of my trays all provided that element of luxe I was going for. However, to balance out all of the luxe...I opted for the beautiful gold and white distressed candleholders from Trisha Yearwood's new line sold exclusively for Kirkland's. Ya'll know my true authentic design aesthetic is Rustic Vintage meets Modern Elegant Glam or in short, Rustic Glam. So there was no way I could add in all things luxe without incorporating some rustic or distressed accents as well. I'm all about an amalgamated mix of pieces to create the most customized look as possible.

Also, from Farah's line I added in her gorgeous velvet luster pillows adorned with glam cording throughout to my woven baskets. I absolutely LOVE how gorgeous and elegant these pillows made the entire room look, even with them being more so in the background. Which brings me to my next very important key point in great design...Never underestimate the power of details!!!

The velvet texture alone, as well as the elegant glam details of the pillows staged even in the background made such a huge impact and not a subtle change at all. Again, it's always always all in the details.

Another element of luxe I added to my Summer look was the addition of the gorgeous gold matte art prints created by Louisiana artist, Sarah Hebert of SarahKKreations.

Sarah and I met on Instagram only a couple of months before my photo shoot. I fell head over heels for her beautiful, artistic creations of New Orleans architecture and culture. For those of you who know me well, know that I am if nothing else a girl that LOVES my hometown of NOLA. So it was pretty much inevitable for me to have a desire to work with Sarah. As such, Sarah commissioned two beautiful art pieces for my being a Magnolia Floral, which is the state flower for Louisiana and the other piece being a standard Fleur De Lis fence, which can be found surrounding the exterior of many homes in the city.

Both of these pieces provided not only luxe details, but an artistic sense of luxe that's either rarely or very hard to find in mass retail stores. Which is the exact reason I'm such a huge supporter of local artists because they provide what large stores can't...innovation, uniqueness, charm, and one of kind pieces.


Because the whole purpose of my updated Summer look to my master bedroom was to incorporate elements of blush, I couldn't just leave it at one blush pillow atop of our bed. So it was only right to spread hues of blush throughout the room to really make a statement, and to make it clear that summertime in House Piazza would truly be all about embracing BLUSH!

Shopping Sources: Exact Home Decor & Furniture pieces or similar pieces as seen all throughout this blogpost can be sourced and purchased from my Shop Page. Please visit daily to see what new items are linked and ready for purchase by clicking here.

This is my final photoshoot for the season, as we approach Summer's end. I have a host of creative projects I'm in very early stages of development with and just a lot of things on the table that will keep me busy throughout the Fall season until probably the end of the year. Saying all of that to say, I'm not sure how often or frequent I'll be able to produce blog content for you all this upcoming season. But, rest assured I will remain active as usual on my social media pages. If nothing else, I have a plethora of unreleased photos I'll be sharing on my feeds. So please be sure to follow us on Instagram and Facebook.

As always, thank you so very much for your support. It truly means the world to me!! Once again, be sure to visit my Shop Page by clicking here. There I link images from my Instagram feed with shoppable links for you all to purchase either exact items as seen in my home, or similar pieces. Until we meet again in these virtual and digital streets...

Have a wonderful last few weeks of Summer Everyone!! ๐Ÿ’•

With Love,


"I believe a person's home should be a true reflection and extension of their personal taste and style...with beautiful collected pieces that compliment who they are, what their interests are, and what makes them feel good."

Principal Designer & Proprietor

Tachic Hickman-Piazza

Tachic Hickman-Piazza is a creative in every sense of the word. A professional Filmmaker with an Associate of Science in Film & Video from Full Sail University with fifteen years of experience in the Entertainment Industry. Blogging is a personal and beloved extension of her years spent studying creative writing for television and film.

Yet, Interior Design and all things Home Decor are two of her greatest passions, outside of Filmmaking. To learn more about Tachic and her journey into the world of Design, please visit her ABOUT page by clicking here.

To view one of her most ambitious design projects to date where Tachic merged both creative worlds of Filmmaking and Interior Design, all while proudly wearing the mantle of both Designer & Executive Producer, with the release of her House Piazza Home Tour video, click here.

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