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JCPenney + Allured By Design Distant Lands Video & Look Book

Updated: Jun 22, 2022

Earlier this month I announced on my social media pages my latest partnership with JCPenney for their summertime "Distant Lands" campaign. I'm always super excited and overjoyed whenever they reach out interested in hiring and collaborating with me to work on another one of their home and lifestyle projects. I've said it only a million times, my love for JCPenney runs very deep and dates all the way back to my childhood years. I'm a JCPenney card holder, still buy the bulk of my bedding sheets from the brand, work clothing for my Husband, items for our home and a host of other things. And, as much as I'm a huge advocate and champion for supporting small local businesses and boutiques...I do still support large chains and mass retailers.

JCPenney is indeed a large brand that I'm happy to not only support but also very happy to continue developing and building a creative work relationship with. Their latest campaign truly aligns with my current state of mind, which is all about travel, especially considering I just had the most amazing late Spring, early pre-Summer vacation in Italy this past May. When JCPenney first reached out to garner my interest and availability for the distant lands campaign, I was roughly two or three weeks out from heading out of the country but knew I wanted to make this collaboration work. So, I immediately said yes without even giving much thought to how I would work executing the contractual deliverables into my schedule. All I knew was that I would make it work. And, that I did.

A few days after my return from Italy, I jumped into action and begin planning with my creative team by scheduling and booking both my photographer and videographer for the magic we were about to create centered around this campaign. Simultaneously, I was also in the midst of producing my late Spring newsletter, which would be my very first "Travel Edition" detailing all of the details about me and my Husband's epic two-week vacation touring various regions of Italy. In my newsletter, I expressed to you all that although my body was physically back at mind, spirit and emotions were all left behind back in Italy. That's the power of a great and amazing vacation.

I don't believe anything happens by chance, so it was perfect timing to once again be working with JCPenney on a campaign that was ALL about evoking the spirit of travel. Immediately when I saw their new distant lands home and bedding collection, I was transported to an exotic, yet tranquil place from the colors, the textures, to the overall vacation retreat aesthetic. The beauty of it all was that I was transported to a land far away, yet without the expensive cost of a plane ticket or a luxury hotel. I could simply allow this new collection to be my summer retreat right within my own home.

As I shared with you all on Instagram...


“Every season represents a time for something new and different, or the usher of change. Summertime tends to excite us all about the change of scenery in our lives with all of the traveling we’ll do. Travel has a powerful tendency to broaden, enlighten, and influence our minds and perspectives by exposing us to so many new things, landscapes and overall experiences. What’s even more powerful about travel is that it touches our lives in a way that we can bring those experiences and visuals right into our homes…even if it’s a distant land that we have yet to visit, but a desire to some day. We can always bring that place a little closer to us simply by the way we style our homes.

My forever favorite place to travel in the world is anywhere in the Mediterranean, as I’m inspired by all that I see there, whether its Greece, Italy, Croatia, or Africa. After having just spent some recent time in the Mediterranean...The new “Distant Lands” JCPenney bedding collection is the perfect Summertime refresh to keep my love for the Mediterranean and my love for travel right here within my home.”

To shop the new distant lands home and bedding collection from JCPenney, please click here.

Without Further Ado...On this very first day of Summer, allow me to introduce both the extended cut of my original video reel, as well as my look book from this amazing travel inspired campaign.

Shopping Is Back At JCPenney

Sources + Creative Credits:

Brand Client: JCPenney

Brand Collaboration Partner: Allured By Design®

Video Creative Direction: Tachic Hickman-Piazza & Josh Blu TV

Photo Shoot Creative Direction: Tachic Hickman-Piazza & Stacy Marks

Still Photography: Stacy Marks

Location: House Piazza


As I've created the perfect Summertime retreat in #HousePiazza, I hope you all are inspired to do the same. Because remember my Allured Loves, when our vacation fun ends, home is the place where we must return.

  • Vacation = Escape

  • Home = Sanctuary

We all deserve a happy, peaceful, relaxing and ever so stylish sanctuary to always come home to. I wish you all an amazing Summer and make sure you stay tuned for more great things to come from Allured By Design®.

Until the release of my next Home & Lifestyle content and project...

All My Love,



"I believe a person's home should be a true reflection and extension of their personal taste and style...with beautiful collected pieces that compliment who they are, what their interests are, and what makes them feel good."

Founder & Principal Designer

Tachic Hickman-Piazza

Tachic Hickman-Piazza is a creative in every sense of the word. A professional Filmmaker with an Associate of Science in Film & Video from Full Sail University with a career spanning the course of eighteen years of experience in the entertainment industry. Blogging is a personal and beloved extension of her years spent studying creative writing for television and film.

Yet, Interior Design and all things Home Decor are two of her greatest passions, outside of Filmmaking. To learn more about Tachic and her journey into the world of Design, please visit her ABOUT page by clicking here.

To view one of her most ambitious design projects to date where Tachic merged both creative worlds of Filmmaking and Interior Design, all while proudly wearing the mantle of both Designer & Executive Producer, with the release of her House Piazza Home Tour video, click here.

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