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The Deets On My Web Series Wardrobe

Rumor has it that everyone wants all of the details on each of the looks I rocked for my web series.

During filming, (otherwise known as "principal photography" in the film industry)...I proudly and happily shared with you all daily a lot of the behind the scenes photos and videos. With so many of you supporting my crowdfunding campaign to aid me with raising the funds to produce my first ever design web series...I truly desired to take you all along the journey of producing my series from start to finish. One of the best ways to do that was to share exclusive BTS footage with you all.

I knew many of you would get a kick out of what actually happens daily behind the scenes while on set. It can honestly be the most entertaining and sometimes even more entertaining than what's actually being filmed. Because it's raw and uncut and total real life moments of a film crew and the cast not only being filmed, but all coming together to figure everything out before, in between and after the main cameras finish rolling.

However, what I honestly didn't expect was to receive such a large and amazing response to my wardrobe and all of the looks I rocked for each episode. I mean I had a feeling you all would like some of my ensembles but I seriously didn't think my wardrobe would become such a conversation piece with many emailing or direct messaging me asking for the details on...

When, Where & How can I get it?

Ironically, the title of my web series is after all called...

Boutique Shopping Saturdays With Allured By Design

Yet, my series focuses on all of the best of the best places to shop for one's home and interiors. But if you know, like I know...the world of fashion and interior design goes hand in hand. Our homes can't only look amazing. Our bodies should as well and be styled ever so fabulously!! So naturally, I took that into consideration and put my best foot forward to carefully select the pieces that I thought would compliment each episode and each location we'd film in. While I did consider hiring a stylist to assist me with selecting pieces that would be amazing for my series and equally amazing on my body...

I made the decision to do what I always do, which is to style myself. I know what looks good on my body and what absolutely doesn't work for my body type. I also know my own body insecurities and areas that I want to highlight, as well as areas I may want to hide or not make the focus. As such, I thought it was best to just take my time and select my own pieces. Also, I have a direct relationship with most of the design boutiques that will be featured in my web series. So it was a lot easier for me to lead with my existing relationships and how each boutique makes me feel when I walk in. Ultimately, no one else knows those feelings as intimately as I do. So, I allowed each of those emotions to inspire the look I wanted to showcase on my body, per episode, per boutique.

And, because I believe fashion and interior design are so closely related and oftentimes influence one was extremely important to me that my fashion choices were carefully and intentionally planned out. In addition, it was just as important that my wardrobe would be as crucially part of the series as the boutiques we'd visit. Many of you asked for the details and I promised that as soon as I had a moment...I would sit down, put something special together for you all and finally share.

Allow me to do that now. My wardrobe was a mixture of new pieces from one of my favorite online boutiques, (Boutique J. Renee) mixed in with pieces from one of the local New Orleans fashion boutiques, West London Boutique, which will be featured in my web series, and existing pieces that I already had in my wardrobe.

Without further ado, please enjoy this behind the scenes video reel briefly highlighting all of my looks from each day of filming. Links to purchase pieces from my looks (or similar items if originals are sold out) can be found beneath each photo.

Behind The Scenes Wardrobe Video Reel

Sources + Creative Credits:

Produced By: Allured By Design®

Directed By: Josh Blu TV

Video Creative Direction: Tachic Hickman-Piazza & Josh Blu

Still Photography: Stacy Marks

Location (s): On Set of Web Series Boutique Shopping Saturdays With Allured By Design


The Harper Mini-Dress Grey Print is now sold out online. However, you can sign up on Boutique J. Renee's website to be notified when it's back in stock. Or, you can purchase the original print in a different color, by clicking here. 💙🤍🧡


The Superstition Shirt Dress is offered in several different colors (orange, black and blue). The orange dress has been a fan favorite with many messaging me about the deets of this dress. It was indeed a knockout look that I along with my film crew and so many others LOVED!! 🍊🧡


This fan favorite dress, which everyone went crazy over the colors was purchased months in advance of filming my web series. Sadly it is currently no longer offered online. However, the

La Reve dress is a colorful substitute for all of my color lovers out there. 💙💜💛💕💚❤️🧡


Those who know me extremely well know that I'm a huge Banana Republic fan!! Don't sleep on them, as they are indeed a high end fashion retailer that prides themselves on designing and manufacturing good, quality classic pieces that will last for decades to come.

A large percentage of my overall wardrobe contains a lot of BR pieces mixed in with some pieces from their parent company, The Gap as well. My Linen-Cotton Oversized Blazer is a Gap piece, as well as my Dark Indigo Jeggings. My white top is a BR piece purchased years ago and no longer available. 🤍


Of all looks I rocked for my web series, this look was indeed my most laid back, yet business casual and comfortable look that I truly LOVED!! My Sleeveless Linen-Blend Jumpsuit is an Old Navy piece that's no longer offered in black. But it is still offered in blue/white seer sucker stripe. My Herringbone Blazer from Talbots is offered in two colors, fuchsia and jade.

If you didn't know by now...I am a bonafide blazer girl!! Give me a good blazer and I feel like I can pretty much do anything. 💕


I love a good empire waist dress!! It's both feminine and slenderizing. I fell in love with this gorgeous Blanche dress from West London Boutique the moment I laid eyes on it. The cut and all of the detailed embroidery drew me in. It just screamed TACHIC and my sense of style!! 🤍

Also, I wear a lot of white in the warmer months, so I knew immediately I wanted this dress as part of my wardrobe. Sadly, it sold out well before filming even began on my web series. However, West London Boutique specializes in carrying so many amazing and beautiful garments, especially dresses. Have a look by clicking here.


The Uptown Dress, which I paired with pants underneath was another fan favorite. I fell pretty hard for this dress more than I thought I would. Not only was it comfortable but the seer sucker lines paired with thicker strips of green made this dress everything!! 💚💙


It's important to me that I point out all sources shared in this blogpost are not sponsored. This is strictly me sharing with you all out of the kindness of my heart, for so many of you contributing to my crowdfunding campaign helping me to secure the funds to produce my web series. As with any film or television project, there is indeed a wardrobe budget.

Your contributions made it possible for me to not only have one but also spend time carefully planning which looks I wanted to create for my show. In addition, which looks I wanted to best represent my style as the host of my own series. I truly hope you all enjoyed each of my looks and I'm looking forward to (when the time comes) debuting my web series to you all. As I mentioned in my Summer 2022 newsletter, the debut will not be until sometime during the 1st Quarter of next year.

At the moment, my team and I are heavy into the post production phase getting all episodes cut and edited. And, with the release of my wardrobe video Behind The Scenes Director is just as busy cutting a lot of the BTS footage to share with you all as well.

We're all truly looking forward to debuting my web series to each and everyone of you, sharing the hard work that was put in and fun times had creating this passion project of mine. Please continue to stay tuned.

Until the release of my next Home & Lifestyle content and project...

All My Love,



"I believe a person's home should be a true reflection and extension of their personal taste and style...with beautiful collected pieces that compliment who they are, what their interests are, and what makes them feel good."

Founder & Principal Designer

Tachic Hickman-Piazza

Tachic Hickman-Piazza is a creative in every sense of the word. A professional Filmmaker with an Associate of Science in Film & Video from Full Sail University with a career spanning the course of eighteen years of experience in the entertainment industry. Blogging is a personal and beloved extension of her years spent studying creative writing for television and film.

Yet, Interior Design and all things Home Decor are two of her greatest passions, outside of Filmmaking. To learn more about Tachic and her journey into the world of Design, please visit her ABOUT page by clicking here.

To view one of her most ambitious design projects to date where Tachic merged both creative worlds of Filmmaking and Interior Design, all while proudly wearing the mantle of both Designer & Executive Producer, with the release of her House Piazza Home Tour video, click here.

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